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Bring John to Your Event

Most employees who are approaching retirement don't fully understand what lies ahead and may not know how to utilize the tools and services provided by a 401(k) provider. 

John breaks down the critical aspects of retirement to help them prepare.
He guides those approaching retirement on how they can best plan for the future, from managing risks, to avoiding depression, and everything in between.

Speaking Topics

How to generate retirement income & manage risks

How to prepare for medical costs and long-term care

How to achieve a fulfilling retirement and avoid depression

Request a retirement-related topic of your own

Bring John to Your Event



What equipment is needed?

Typically, some sort of voice amplification system and a screen for PowerPoint are needed.

Who is the right audience for John?

John typically speaks to corporate pre-retirees over age 50 or folks who are recently retired, but is also extremely relevant for key executives, management of all ages and any group that is interested in retirement topics.

How much notice does John need and how long is his presentation?

John typically needs at least one month notice for scheduling. His presentations can be tailored to fit the needs of your group and can range from half an hour up to four hours (which can be broken up over two days).

Is John going to be selling anything?

John does not sell any products or services during his speaking engagements and keeps investment information very general. If attendees would like to seek John’s services separate from the the sponsoring organization that will be up to the the sponsor to authorize or not.

Bring John to Your Event

Bring John to Your Event

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